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For over 20 years, Billy R Wease Jr, RPh., FAARFM, CF-L1 has helped thousands of people discover how to obtain optimal health using God given foods, quality nutritional supplements, and science based exercise.

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Healthy Fat Loss

90 day back fat reduction

73lbs down and thankful!

Just 6 months ago I decided I wanted to change. Currently 73lbs down, I was desperate for change. Not just physically but spiritually. Feeling out of control & miserable, I cried out to God for help & he sent the right people into my life. People who have truly educated me, support & encourage me, work out with me, more importantly love & pray for me.

The best change of my life

My name is Johnny Paysour; I recently retired from the Gaston County Police Department and the North Carolina National Guard. Being a member of a police department and the military I was required to participate in all types of physical fitness activities and to pass an annual physical fitness test. During my service with the Gaston Co. Police Dept., I earned my Certification, thru the State of North Carolina, as a Specialized Physical Fitness Instructor for Basic Law Enforcement Training and became an Army Master Fitness Trainer for the National Guard. Possessing the fundamental knowledge, training and instruction of physical fitness I am always looking for new exercise, weightlifting, and fitness challenges. One day I went into Prescriptions Plus Pharmacy to purchase vitamins and supplements and happened to meet the pharmacist there Mr. Billy Wease. While there we engaged in conversation about nutrition, Kangen Water and exercise. Billy mentioned Crossfit and invited me to give it a try. He assured me, Crossfit is like no other physical fitness activity or exercise program. Each time I would go into his pharmacy he would ask “When are you going to try Crossfit”. I remember telling Billy one day “I want to get into better shape and get ready for Crossfit”, and Billy said “there is no such thing as getting ready for Crossfit you just have to do it” and he was exactly right! So after several persuasive invitations my Crossfit journey began on February 24th 2014. On this day at 50 years of age, weighing approximately 268lbs, having a 39 inch waist and blood pressure of 135/85 I had my first workout with Beth Wease, the wife of Billy Wease. I managed to narrowly complete the warm up portion of the workout and literally lay on the floor in a pool of sweat, unable to even begin the actual workout. This totally shocked me. I could not believe how challenging Crossfit is! I had participated in all types of exercise programs in the past, but nothing ever like this. Beth encouraged me not to give up, not become discouraged and to come back again. Being the competitive person that I am I said “Oh I will be back”. I continued to come back on a consistent basis, approximately five days per week, over the last year and I’m seeing unbelievable results. In addition to Crossfit I stopped drinking soft drinks. I have not had a soft drink in over a year. I drink lots of Kangen Water. I feel better than ever. I am in better overall condition than I have ever been in my life, and I am stronger than I have ever been. Now at almost 52 years of age I weigh approximately 245lbs have a 35 inch waist, and blood pressure is 110/68! Listed here are some of my Crossfit accomplishments: Deadlift 395lbs. Strict Shoulder Press 175lbs. Snatch 130lbs. Clean and Jerk 200lbs. Squat 255lbs. 30” Box Jump, and completed a 1000 meter row in 3 minutes 27 seconds. Crossfit has greatly improved my self-confidence. I plan to continue improving physically and mentally. I would first like to thank God for blessing me with family, friends and good health. I say thanks to my wife Jennifer for her never ending support and to Billy and Beth Wease for introducing me to Crossfit. It is without a doubt one of the best decisions of my life. I truly respect and appreciate all of the instructors at Crossfit Kings Mountain. I would also like to say” I could not have accomplished so much without the support, motivation and encouragement of all my brothers and sisters at Crossfit Kings Mountain”!

My Amazing Transformation

One year ago to this day 5/6/2014 I was living a miserable life, at least health wise. I weighed 253lbs standing at 5”11, was a Type 2 diabetic, hypertensive, and felt like crap. I was on 7 different medications to control my high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes as well as a host of Statin drugs, and other medications to protect my vital organs against the side effects of the medications. After waking up and taking a handful of medications every morning for about six months, feeling exhausted all of the time, having low testosterone, and being placed on some horrible medicine to assist with raising my testosterone level, I decided that I had to take control of my life while I still had one! I knew something was wrong because at age 43 no person should feel as bad as I did nor should they have to take medicine that only made them feel worse than they already did!

I had a conversation with Billy Wease while attending a gymnastics meet and he informed me about trying a sample of Kangen water and taking something called a Core health pack. I tried both and immediately noticed an increase in my energy. The following day I went to talk to him about how I felt and he invited me to attend Cross-fit at First In Flight gym. I fell in love with Cross-fit but what happened next was life changing. After doing Cross-fit 3 days a week, drinking Kangen water and taking Core health packs for two weeks I lost 7lbs. Now keep in mind that I still ate like crap and still managed to lose 7lbs! During week three Billy Wease talked to me about participating in a Body Transformation class that would teach me how to control my diabetes, high blood pressure, my weight and could possibly get rid of the medications if I stayed committed.

After attending the Body Transformation information session Billy Wease and his team encouraged everyone in attendance to make a decision about doing something that would change our lives! Once the class started I discovered that I had a whole team of people who would support and teach us how to stay with the program! I lost 20lbs during the first month of doing the program and had two medications removed from my daily dosage of medicines. By the end of the program I had lost a total of 53lbs, was no longer taking any medications, I lost 10 inches off of my waist –size 46-36, went from wearing a size 3xl shirt to a large, and I feel like I did when I was in my mid-twenties!! To top it off, I was not the only one who experienced these results, but the whole class had similar results!!! I continue to live the same lifestyle as I did during the 90 day program and actually got all of the way down to 200lbs and then added 17lbs of muscle!!!

Not where I want to be BUT…

Not where I want to be but definite motivation to keep going cause I’m a heck of a lot better than I was 3 or 4 months ago!!! Thanks for all your help and motivation!

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